Independent School Teachers Specializing in Summer Learning


Debbie G.
​Debbie is a fifth grade math and science teacher at an independent school in Belmont, where she has been for six years.  She works closely with the learning specialists at her school for both enrichment and remedial support, and she has worked with students on skills such as note taking, organizational strategies, time management, and executive functioning in addition to math, reading, writing, and science.  She is excited to tutor students through entering grade 8 in math and support their development of problem solving skills.   She is also able to tutor students in note taking, organizational skills, public speaking, science, or as they conquer summer reading and writing work. When she is not teaching, Debbie loves to travel and to play soccer, basketball, tennis, and softball.  She also has coached Middle School girls and boys soccer, girls basketball, girls and boys lacrosse, and co-ed track and field.   Debbie has been with Summer Blazers since its inaugural summer and is willing to drive 30-45 minutes from her home in Boston, MA.

Kelsey M.
Kelsey is a ninth grade science teacher at an Independent school in Waltham. A graduate of Smith College, Kelsey majored in Chemistry, but has experience teaching many different kinds of science, such as Physics, Earth Science, and Biology. Kelsey works closely with her students to help them develop skills such as note taking, organization strategies, time management, and executive functioning. She collaborates with the learning specialists at her school to help each and every student reach their full potential in the classroom. She currently works as a tutor at her current school twice a week for students who are having trouble keeping up their grades. She helps to guide them in learning effective time management and organization skills, and acts as a liaison with their teachers to help support them with their assignments. Kelsey is happy to tutor students in different science disciplines, various levels of math including Algebra, Precalculus and Calculus, or in navigating summer reading and AP assignments. She is able and willing to help with the development of effective note taking skills and organization of content. In addition, Kelsey has experience tutoring the math and verbal sections of the SSAT and SAT. In her free time, Kelsey loves to read, sing a cappella, and do crossword puzzles. Kelsey is willing to drive 30-45 minutes from her home in Medford, MA.